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If you have an EMERGENCY call 911

For in-progress incidents, call 9-1-1. For cold incidents (incidents that did not just occur and there is no immediate threat) where a weapon was used or you have suspect information, call (530) 895-4911, our 24-hour non-emergency phone number.

This portal is designed to provide accurate and timely access to crime and other public safety related information occurring in our neighborhoods, parks, business districts…anywhere in the City of Chico.

We are excited to provide this level of information to our community. We also welcome the interaction and conversation about public safety we think it will engender. Thank you for your interest in this information, and most importantly, your interest in partnering with us for the safety of our incredible community!

Bicycle Registration

Is your bicycle registered? Do you know your bicycles serial number?

Stolen bicycles reported with a serial number are 3 to 4 times more likely to be recovered!

Help us help you recover your property by registering your bicycle - it's free!